Job Search Essentials Checklist

Regardless of your level of experience, searching for a job is essentially a formula-driven process. If you do the right things in the right manner at the right times, you will be successful. In that way, it’s not so much different from financial planning or weight management. There are alot of variations on the theme – but they all rely on the same core truths and best practices.

The following is our suggestion of the fundamental ‘must haves’ in order to have a successful job search process. Some of them may be self-explanatory and others you may need to seek some clarification and direction but they all should be part of your job search plan and you should strive to do them all to the best of your ability.

What do you need for a successful job search…

 A Productive Place to Work

 A Work (Job Search) Schedule

 An Accountability Partner (not your spouse)

 An ‘Electronic Image’ check (ie email address, voice mail, postings)

 A Written Job Search Plan (Strategy)

(1) Your Job Objective              (6) Salary Research

(2) Skill Development Goals    (7) Face-to-Face Networking Plan

(3) Targeted Industries           (8) Online Networking Plan

(4) Targeted Companies         (9) Modified Financial Plan

(5) Geographic Strategy

 A Strong Well-Written, Well Formatted Resume

 Strong Industry-Specific Resumes (as needed)

 All current resumes in multiple formats: hard copy, .pdf, and .txt

 Resume Feedback from at least 6 people

 A Cover Letter Template

 A Supply of Simple, Professional Note Cards for “Thank You’s”

 Your Elevator Speech(es): Two Minute Verbal Summaries

(1) Tell me about yourself?

(2) What are you looking to do?

(3) Why did you leave your last job?

 At least 25 good PAR Statements. (Problem – Action – Result)

 List of References (at least 3-5)

 Letter of Recommendation from Former Employer

 Letters of Reference from at least 3 people that know you professionally

 Contact Cards (Business Cards)

 Brainstorm list of Everyone you know

 A complete, well-written LinkedIN Profile.

(1) Reflect Your “Complete Professional Self”

(2) Include at least 3-5 references

(3) Build to at least 75 connections

(4) Join at least 25 groups

 Interview Preparation

(1) Well-rehearsed ‘elevator speeches’ and PAR statements

(2) Well-rehearsed responses to the most popular interview questions  

(3) Awareness of the Various Interview Styles

(4) Practice, Practice, Practice

(5) Record Your Practices and Critique Yourself

Remember… you are competing against job seekers that will know this list, in their own way, and execute it at a very high level.  You need to do the same.


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