Careers in Motion: The Team

Larry Forbes (412-828-7676)(

Larry is the leader of Careers in Motion and the group facilitator. Larry’s background is in project management and he is an accomplished public speaker. Larry has a tremendous passion for helping those in career transition and is the consistent core of the Careers in Motion program.

Larry is the Careers in Motion primary contact.

Dick Cassetti (412-551-6245)(

Dick is a successful entrepreneur and commercial real estate broker serving the Pittsburgh area. Dick, too, is happy to help a job seeker in any way he can but particularly welcomes the opportunity to support the development of a targeted campaign with specific research tools.

Steven South (412-580-4253)(

Steven is a former member of the RCC Board of Deacons and has moved out of the Pittsburgh area to pursue a new career opportunty but he still welcomes any opportunity to support Pittsburgh area job seekers.  Steven is happy to help in any way he can but has a particular passion for the value of LinkedIN as a networking tool.

Feel free to contact Larry, Dick or Steven if you have any questions regarding Careers in Motion. If they are unavailable, you may also call the RCC office at 412-828-2488.


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