10 Common Job Search Errors

Here are ten (10) common job search errors to avoid, courtesy of PAPEN (www.papen.us) and The Point Park College Office of Career Development (www.pointpark.edu):

(1) Lack of a Specific Goal: Many job seekers have a goal that is far too general. The more specific your goal is, the easier it will be to find;
(2) Poorly Done Résumé: Your resume must be short, focused, impeccably typed, and easy to read. It must also be relevant to the position for which you are applying;
(3) Not Doing Company Research: Knowing which companies to approach is half the battle. Employers expect you to know what you want and they expect you to know the basics about their company;
(4) Not Targeting and Courting the Best Prospects. List your best 10-30 companies, and pursue them;
(5) Inadequate Networking: Not using all avenues and/or contacts available to you. Do not rely only on the ads and on the advice of a few friends. Some additional avenues might be: trade and professional organizations, civil service offices, libraries, temporary firms, search firms, local employment offices, college career and/or placement offices, former teachers and employers, and relatives, neighbors and acquaintances;
(6) Poorly Done or “Generic” Cover Letters: Write simple, concise, honest business letters stating your interests. Try to address them to a specific person; take the extra time to find a name by research or by calling the company;
(7) Lack of Assertive Follow-Up: Don’t assume that no response is a negative response. Several phone calls or letters displaying your interest may be necessary both before and after the first interview. Never give up. Never. Never. Never;
(8) Lack of Enthusiasm and Interest: The nervous job-hunter often forgets to display enthusiasm in letters and in the interview;
(9) Lack of Self-Confidence: Self-confidence during an interview is one of the most important traits sought after by hiring companies;
(10) Trying to Appear as What the Company Wants: Be honest, and be yourself.

Just food for thought.


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